Have Fun Knitting - my best tips for beginner knitters!

Knitting Tips for Beginners

My Best Knitting Tips for Beginners Too many mistakes can put one of. Therefore I have listed all the knitting tips for beginners I wish that I had known when I was first starting out. When I started knitting I made all kinds of mistakes. I ...


Knitting Neat Edges

4 ways of knitting neat edges! Have you ever looked at a finished project and felt a bit disappointed because the edges didn't turn out as neat as you had wished for?Blankets, scarves and other projects with visible selvages look so much more ...


How to Knit the Garter Stitch

All about the garter stitch! Garter stitch is the easiest of the knitting stitches. But it's also one of the most squishy and cuddly ones! It turns out a little thicker than other stitches which makes it perfect for scarves, shawls, blankets ...


Gifts for Knitters

🎁 Useful gifts for Knitters $30 and up 🎁 The perfect gift for knitters: A set of high-quality Knitting Needles This set is amazing! I have had mine for years and I will never buy another brand of knitting needles again. I have wr ...


Useful Apps for Knitting and Crochet

I bet you have some really useful craft apps on your phone – without even knowing about it! Have you ever thought of how many useful apps for knitting and crochet you have on your phone? I bet there are a few standard apps on your phone that ...


Substitute Yarn

How to find a yarn that fits your pattern Do you know how to substitute a yarn with another? It's important to choose wisely when choosing another yarn for a pattern. If the yarn doesn't match your pattern there may be a big disappointment w ...


Soften the Cable on Circular Needles

How to soften the Cable on Circular Needles? Knitting with stiff cables aren't any fun, and with twisted ones... well, don't get me started at that! There are a few hacks you can use to soften the cable on your circular knitting needles. ...


Knitting Project Bags Buyers Guide

The Best Knitting Project Bags found on Amazon! Most knitters will agree to the necessity of a good knitting project bags! These bags should be able to hold your WIP (work in progress) and, of course, all your knitting notions so that everythi ...


How to Knit Double Stockinette

Double Stockinette – a No Purl & No Curl Stockinette stitch pattern that look alike on both sides!
It creates a soft, squishy and elastic fabric with no wrong side! Learn more at dontbesuchasquare.com #Knitting #DoubleStockinette #NoPurl #StitchPattern #KnittingHack