Soften the Cable on Circular Needles

How to soften the Cable on Circular Needles? Knitting with stiff cables aren't any fun, and with twisted ones... well, don't get me started at that! There are a few hacks you can use to soften the cable on your circular knitting needles. ...


How to Knit Double Stockinette

Double Stockinette – a No Purl & No Curl Stockinette stitch pattern that look alike on both sides!
It creates a soft, squishy and elastic fabric with no wrong side! Learn more at #Knitting #DoubleStockinette #NoPurl #StitchPattern #KnittingHack


Tips for Knitting Stranded Colorwork

A few tips and tricks to help you succeed with stranded colorwork Knitting stranded colorwork isn't always as easy as one could wish for. But, it doesn't have to be that hard either. I hope these tips can help you on your way! Color domination ...


Yarn Weight Conversion Chart

The best guide to yarn weights Ply? wpi? Worsted? What does all that really mean? Have you found yourself all tangled up in yarn weight issues? That makes us two. So Fellow Knitters, it's about time we take a grip on those yarn weights d ...

How to Purl Backward – a Knitting Hack from #KnittingHacks #Knitting #PurlBackward

How to Purl Backwards

How to do the purl stitch backward? Hi fellow knitter! Are you up for learning a new knitting hack? I learned to both knit and purl backwards a while ago, and I think this is a really fun and useful technique to have up t ...


Is your circular needle too long?

Is your needle to long – or your stitches too few? Do you have too few stitches to fit the cable? Or, in other words, are your circular needle too long? This was a big issue for me when I was first starting out with circular needles. B ...


Tips on how to make time to knit

Make more time to knit Do you wish to make more time to knit? I know I do. So I dived into the world of plans, habits, and organization to see if I could come up with some time-saving tips for you. And here is what I came up with. I sure ho ...

Don't Be Such a Square | Speed knitting: 12 tips on how to knit faster

Speed knitting: 12 tips on how to knit faster

Need for speed – How to knit faster Speed knitting isn’t for everyone. Some of us knit just for the joy and calm of the repetitive movement, the softness of the yarn and our wellbeing. That’s wonderful, keep it up, fellow knitters! And then t ...

Don't Be Such a Square | Click to learn knitting in reverse | Knitting in Reverse let's you knit stockinette stitch without purling | Knitting backwards saves you time otherwise wasted on turning your work | This knitting hack makes short rows and following charts easier!

Knitting backward

How to knit stockinette stitch without purling? There are a lot of different techniques to try in knitting. Some you’ll love, and, some you’ll, well, not love that much … For me, it is the purl stitch. I really don’t like to purl! My purl rows alw ...

Don't Be Such a Square | Learn how to knit circular garter stitch without purl stitches | Ho to do a no purl garter stitch in the round | Two strand garter stitch

No purl garter stitch in the round

No purl garter stitch in the round – is that even possible? No purl garter stitch in the round really is a thing – and I have tested two methods for doing it. After some reading and spending some time trying out the things I read, I’m now re ...