Chinese Waves Knitting Stitch

Chinese waves is a super easy stitch pattern to knit. It’s also fun and has a nice wavy texture to it. If you have mastered knitting back and forth (garter stitch) and feel it’s time to try something new this is a good next step! Chinese waves is a variation on garter stitch and all …

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5 Ways to Knit a Buttonhole

My best tip for knit buttonholes is simple but good: Make sure your buttons and buttonholes match before finishing a whole garment. When sewing the rule of thumb is that the buttonhole should be slightly larger than the button, so the button can easily slide through. In knitting, however, the buttonhole needs to be slightly …

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Sweater knitting kits for men

Knitting kits are a great way to set yourself up for success when knitting. Take the guesswork out of your knitting with these beautiful men’s sweater knitting kits! You don’t have to worry that the yarn may not be perfect for the pattern, or that there will not be enough. With a knitting kit, it’s …

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