Tie a slip knot for knitting and crochet

Learn to tie the knot that starts off most knitting and crochet projects! To tie a slip knot is the very first step in most knitting and crochet projects. The slip knot is used for attaching the yarn to your needle or hook before casting on or crocheting a chain. All you need to make … Read more Tie a slip knot for knitting and crochet

Rib Knit Stitch

The simplest rib stitch patterns Rib stitch is a knitting stitch pattern built up of columns of knit and purl stitches that produces a stretchy fabric that doesn’t curl, useful for example cuffs.  This technique is commonly used in knitting, especially for garments like hats, socks and sweaters to stop the knit fabric from rolling … Read more Rib Knit Stitch

Knitting the Basketweave Stitch

This is how to knit the basketweave stitch As an Amazon Associate and member of LoveCrafts affiliate program, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you The basketweave stitch is a tad more complicated than the seed and moss stitch with its 12 rows, but once you have knitted a few … Read more Knitting the Basketweave Stitch

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